Ravelin analyses online behaviour in real time to reduce payment-related fraud. The company has raised £4.3 million to date. Voted for one of Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups in 2017 by WIRED.

My day-to-day responsibilities include: 

  • Sketching out user flows for all Ravelin products
  • Rapidly iterate on designs within engineering, design and business constraints
  • Collaborate with engineering throughout the development cycle to iterate on and deliver highest quality product designs
  • Conducting user research and developing a closer relationship with our clients
  • Shaping product strategy and vision together with product managers
  • Establishing a design-driven culture within the company
  • Interviewing potential new team members and much more

We've also been working on our internal design-system to help us make better products, faster. Apart from the Sketch-based styled components, our design-system (called Pentagon, as the heart of Ravelin) has a coded version that everyone at the company has access to. As well as the code-base for our product components, it also containts a comprehensive documentation on how each element should be used, when to create new ones or suggest improvements. 




Check out Ravelin's engineering or design blog!


©2018 Sandor Gyuris

©2018 Sándor Gyuris

©2018 Sándor Gyuris

©2018 Sándor Gyuris