Facebook - Creative Hub

Working with the Brand Solutions team (part of Ads Growth & Solutions) with the mission to improve the quality of ads shown on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

Mobile is still a fairly new medium, with formats and best practices that are rapidly evolving. We also know that people consume content on mobile in fundamentally different ways to how they do on other mediums.

This is why Facesbook has launched the Creative Hub, a new destination where marketers and advertisers can be inspired by great creative, design their own and share it with others. We designed Creative Hub to be a faster, easier way to produce ideas that capture attention and delight people where they're spending their time – on mobile.


Here's how Creative Hub can help you create better Facebook & Instagram ads:

  • Draw inspiration from big brands
  • Manage mockups
  • Ensure your image ads will be approved
  • Explore new ad formats
  • Preview ads on mobile
  • Share ideas with your team
  • Manage, edit, and export with ease
  • Hone your mobile advertising strategy

Creative Hub is very easy to use. Once you’ve mocked up your ad, you can then test your creative and get a “snapshot” of metrics to get an idea of how it will perform on mobile.

You’ll also be able to get feedback from real users before optimising your creative and then finally sending it live.


©2018 Sandor Gyuris

©2018 Sándor Gyuris

©2018 Sándor Gyuris

©2018 Sándor Gyuris